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Author Topic: 080203 rx320-0.6.2 and dep xclass-0.9.2 (VL5.9)  (Read 1066 times)


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080203 rx320-0.6.2 and dep xclass-0.9.2 (VL5.9)
« on: February 03, 2008, 10:42:53 am »
caitlyn Has packaged rx320-0.6.2 and dep xclass-0.9.2 for VL5.9

rx320: rx320 (control software for the Ten Tex RX-320/RX-320D receivers)
rx320: rx320 is a Linux control program for the Ten Tex RX-320 and RX-320D
rx320: receivers with a graphical user interface.  The program is capable
rx320: of communicating with the receiver using one of the available serial
rx320: ports. There is also support for managing frequency database files.
rx320: The program can also scan a frequency band, displaying a graphical
rx320: view of the station activity.
rx320: License: GNU General Public License, version 2
rx320: Author: Hector Peraza <>
rx320: Website:

xclass: xclass (libraries for X application development)
xclass: This package contains the base xclass library code and include files.
xclass: Note that the client applications are no longer included here, they
xclass: are available separatedly.
xclass: OpenGL support is included in the library if detected at compile time.
xclass: There are two new frames: OXGLFrame and OXGLView.
xclass: License: GNU Library General Public License, version 2
xclass: Author: Hector Peraza <>
xclass: Website:

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