Author Topic: Getting my nokia n70 to work...  (Read 2958 times)


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Getting my nokia n70 to work...
« on: February 05, 2008, 10:41:45 pm »
Hey there,
I've gotten hold of a 3rd hand pc old enough to still sport a PS/2 port! ;D this is my only pc. Now, it's a vl machine and there's one thing i would really like to be able to do with it from my windows days. Getting to use my phone as a USB modem.

It's not the easiest thing, i know, but i was hoping we could work together to find a solution.

Hardware: Nokia N70, USB cable, IBM thinkpad t23.
software: nokia pc suite for windows, VL 5.9, and wine is going to be installed soon!

If i get this to work i'll post a how-to  ;)
thanks guys.


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Re: Getting my nokia n70 to work...
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