Author Topic: Thank You to vector developers and community  (Read 3214 times)


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Thank You to vector developers and community
« on: February 22, 2008, 11:20:18 am »
My hobby is to fix up old computers (P-IIs and P-IIIs) and give them to deserving kids. 
For the lower-end machines with limited memory, I install Damn Small Linux or Puppy Linux.
For the better machines with 256 - 512 M memory I used to install Xubuntu or Ubuntu.  But I've found that Ubuntu uses up about 512 M of real memory pretty quick, while Xubuntu only lowers this memory requirement by 50 - 75 M.  (The major difference between the two is that Xubuntu uses Xfce instead of Gnome).

So on a few of my better machines, I installed VL Standard.  It uses Xfce just like Xubuntu, but the real memory requirements are only 200 - 250 M most of the time -- way lower than Xubuntu.

More and more I'm installing VL Standard --

*  It runs really snappy in 256 - 512 M machines
*  The kids LIKE it !     
*  I like it because I no longer have to mess around installing browser plug-ins and such that the kids need
   (they don't care whether it's "free beer" or "free software," they just want software that does everything they   
   need at minimal cost... I love Ubuntu but I think they misunderstand how consumers view this
   philosophical debate)
* All I have to do is give the kids a ten minute lesson on VL/Xfce and they're ready to go
* Everything "just works"

Lastly, my kids (ages 9 - 14) have posted questions on this forum, and everyone has always been wonderfully nice and helpful to them.

Thank you for a fantastic distro!  and the nice welcoming community that comes along with it.



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Re: Thank You to vector developers and community
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2008, 11:33:36 am »
You should try the VL Light beta on one of those machines... I saw a PIII come back to life w/ it... I'm sure you'll like it ;)


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Re: Thank You to vector developers and community
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2008, 02:32:09 pm »
THanks, I didn't even know about LITE.  I'll try it out.  DSL is great but a little TOO geeky for most kids.  An alternative on the very low end would be nice.