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Kqemu in VL5.8 SoHo
« on: March 15, 2008, 10:50:45 am »
I'm trying to get kqemu working so that I can use some Win 9x software that either doesn't play nicely or (because of DRM-style stuff) doesn't play at all with Wine. I tried VirtualBox, but it wasn't great; I tried VMWare, but the install script couldn't find /bin/sh, which was a bit bizarre. Qemu seems much better, but still a bit slow, which is where kqemu comes in.

Problems: the version of kqemu that Gslapt finds for VL5.8 is kqemu_2.6.18.5--1.3.0pre11-i586-1vl58.tlz, which installs in /lib/modules/ -- but the kernel shipped with VL5.8SoHo is Unsurprisingly, modprobe can't find it. In case the earlier version of kqemu.ko worked anyway, I tried soft-linking this to /lib/modules/2.6.20 etc. -- but I still just get "modprobe kqemu FATAL: Module kqemu not found."

So I tried installing from source (kqemu-1.3.0pre11.tar.gz, downloaded from the qemu site). The configure script comes back with this:
richard:$ ./configure
big/little test failed
Source path       /tmp/kqemu-1.3.0pre11
C compiler        gcc
Host C compiler   gcc
make              make
host CPU          i386

kernel sources    /lib/modules/
kbuild type       2.6

I've tried searching on this forum (amongst many, many other places), and all I've come up with is which clearly implies that kqemu ought to be working... but it still isn't.


TIA :)
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