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Author Topic: Cannot complete VL router setup  (Read 2821 times)


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Cannot complete VL router setup
« on: March 08, 2008, 03:11:09 pm »

Hello Group,

I'm giving VL a try.
I've been using Gentoo for a long time, so I'm not used to some of the differences in the configuration files.

My setup is pretty standard.

eth0 -- <<internet>>
eth1 -- <<LAN/gateway>>

Connection to the internet is now working, using DHCP over eth0.
I tried to configure eth1 in the /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf but couldn't get it to work.
So I manually set eth1 during boot by placing ifconfig commands in /etc/rc.d/rc.local.

ifconfig shows that eth0 and eth1 are both configure and up.

I configured the rc.firewall that comes with VL.
I made sure port-forwarding is turned on -- echo "1"
The firewall is set to accept all traffic going outbound, and essentially anything established,related can come into the LAN.

My WinXP client machines can ping the gateway......(I set the gateway manually in the rc.local file "route add default gw

But the problem remains --   LAN client machines cannot reach the net.

Please let me know if you want me to post any iptables output or /etc/rc.d  config files.

All help is greatly appreciated.

I swear if I get this running, I'm going to write a how-to doc.
Vector is wonderful thus far, but I see a need for a bit more networking materials.

Thanks for your time and help.


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Re: Cannot complete VL router setup
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2008, 07:13:37 pm »