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Author Topic: Compiz-fuzion 0.7.2  (Read 2326 times)


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Compiz-fuzion 0.7.2
« on: March 07, 2008, 02:18:06 pm »

New compiz avaliable! It would be really nice to have the new version. Here's some of the things that have changed:

• translation update
• Fix KDE3 and KDE4 configure checks.
• Added wrappable callback functions for session management events.
• Don't allow minimization of skip taskbar dialogs.
• Export session client id to sessionSaveYourself.
• Don't overwrite new client id with the one passed via command line.
• Don't showdesktop grabbed windows.
• Fix saving session client id to session manager.
• Correctly unset TermButton / TermKey state.
• Prevent switcher window being re-placed by the decoration plugin by specificying a static window gravity.
• Update maximized window's geometry if the screen workarea changed.
• Updating the window size is sufficient to reflect workarea size changes.
• Don't change stacking order and focus if the user cancelled scale.
• Select window under pointer right after ending the zoom out animation, so that a mouse move is not needed for that.
• Revert "Select window under pointer right after ending the zoom out animation, so that a mouse move is not needed for that."
• Make sure a window is selected after relayouting slots.
• Avoid possible NULL pointer dereferences.
• Use gettext to translate tooltips and dialog items of gtk-window-decorator.

The source is here:

I think this was your department exeterdad, so...have at it! Thanks!
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