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Author Topic: Trouble installing gkrellmms plug-in  (Read 3100 times)


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Trouble installing gkrellmms plug-in
« on: April 20, 2008, 11:35:04 am »

I want to be able to control xmms from  GkrellM 2.3.1.

I tried to install gkrellmms- 2.1.21. The make went ok, but at make install it said there is no /usr/local/lib/gkrellm2/plugins directory. I made one, and it installed ok. I restarted GkrellM, but the plugin didn't appear. In the install log tab it says

Error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: libintl_gettext

Any ideas on what could the problem be?

Well I searched the net and came up with these:
6.1. When I try to compile gFTP, I see undefined symbol libintl_gettext. Or, another error is undefined symbol LC_ALL.

Try running

make distclean ; configure --with-included-gettext.

You could alternatively pass

to configure, and internationalization support will not be compiled in.

And this:

Add this to the makefile:

The second one didn't work, and I don't know how to apply the first one.

Some more I found:

>scripts/kconfig/conf.o(.text+0x93): In function `check_stdin':
>: undefined reference to `libintl_gettext'

Well sounds like you need gettext on the build-host installed.
You could add a host-gettext to the that installs into the
toolbuild_dir and use that if you do not want or can not install the gettext
that comes with your distro..
Quote the short term, the quick and easy solve for this particular
package and issue is to slap the in libintl.h that came with glibc back
into /usr/include.  You'd _THINK_ that gettext wouldn't overwrite that
file if it didn't need to, but I'm just going to have to chalk it up to
"growing pains" between glibc and gettext.

Does anyone know how to apply these sollutions, and if they work?
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