Author Topic: Linux: The Goldilocks Approach  (Read 3197 times)


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Linux: The Goldilocks Approach
« on: April 16, 2008, 04:17:13 pm »
I made the decision to switch over to linux over three months ago. As a loyal second edition AD&D player, I figured if I can learn THACO, I can learn linux. Of course, at the time, I didn't realize that there were more linux distributions then there are useless prestige classes in 3rd Edition.

I figure since my machine is old enough to have been used by Vecna (back when he had both eyes...) I would start with a minimalist version. Unfortunately, I failed my intelligence check on that one. Apparently, developers and end users have very different meanings for the word 'minimalist'. I thought I was getting a windows-like desktop, but without all the useless crap. I really wasn't prepared to be looking at Matrix Code when I finally booted up. I didn't even recognize the characters! I'm a fast learner, but I'm not quite ready to program in 'Wingdings' just yet...

My second attempt was with Ubuntu. At first, I was reluctant to use an operating system that I'm not even quite sure how to pronounce, but the screen shots looked nice. I figured that after making millions on email scams, some African companies were ready to go ligit. The nicest thing about Ubuntu was the tech support. Most of the time when you call up the computer companies you have to sit through all those ads: "Did you know that Window's plug and play support make it easy to manage all of your digital devices... etc...". But at Ubuntu, the ads were so much better: "Did you know that you can use Ubuntu's online financial services to easily manage all of your online banking... and help the former prime minister of Zimbabwe move millions of dollars to American accounts...". Unfortunately, it turns out that you need at least 256mb of RAM to run the thing and I only have 247... I knew when I bought my computer that I should have dished out the extra $50 to get that RAM with the +2 memory enchantment...

Then finally, like Goldilocks, I found a linux dis. that was just right....

I ran across VL which specialized in making older machines and laptops faster. I have to say I am extremely impressed with the VL team and the community that develops it. For me, everything worked right 'out of the box'. It hooked up all my cards without hassle (sound, graphics, wireless), and didn't require me to have a PhD is cryptology just to be able to get to a windows interface.

Of course, I still have a crap ton of questions which I'll be posting in the newbie forum... But overall, I think Vector Linux is the greatest thing since the Modron Army Marched around the Great Ring.

So, again, props to all of you that contribute to this awesome project!!!


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Re: Linux: The Goldilocks Approach
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2008, 07:03:46 pm »
Hi nerdcomic.
I am, too a newcomer with a slow mashine:-)
Nice to see you here. Hope, you will enjoi VL.
I really wasn't prepared to be looking at Matrix Code
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