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Author Topic: is there an option to install into the brazilian portuguese version ?  (Read 1506 times)


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hi, vector linuxers and support team,
I'm a newbie here. I'd like to know if the vector distro may install the operator system into the brazilian portuguese language? If not how do I shift to the one? best regards.



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Re: is there an option to install into the brazilian portuguese version ?
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2008, 11:23:15 pm »

Hi kuruya. Currently the installer is available in English language. Though, you can change the system language once installed. To do that you have to edit the /etc/profile.d/ file and replace en_US by pt_BR.
Keep in mind the translations depends on the applications and some of them are better than another ones. Personally I find KDE doing the better job on this, and I install it on my friend's computers when they don't want to deal with English. They usually are Spanish speakers (I am from your neighborhood ;)

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