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Author Topic: Dumb desktop questions for you Vector novices/experts. [SOLVED]  (Read 2107 times)


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I copied the faqs and some other vector info, and will be reading up in the next few days I promise, but I thought some of you guys could save me alot of searching with some of these simple tasks that I am having a bit of problems with.

1) My pc has two 40 gig drives, how can I mount and access
the second hard drive? How can I add a destop icon to access
the drive?

2) How can I format a floppy disk, and also how can I add a desktop icon for the floppy drive?

3) How can I add a desktop icon for the dvd drive?

Yes I figured out for the dvd and the floppy that I can SEND TO DESKTOP (Create link) but I'd like to have the nice like floppy or
cdrom icons like the ones shown when you would use CREATE LAUNCHER.

I guess I'm looking for the commands to add to create launcher dialog to open/browse the floppy/cdrom and also the second hard drive.

On the second hard drive, I have yet to figure out how to mount it.
First, I'd like to figure out how to mount it, then I'd like to have a custom icon on the desktop to access it. Another few stupid questions about hard drives,
How can I format/setup another hard drive? Just use the installation cd?
Also I have not tried it yet, but can vector read a windows/dos formatted
hard drive? I have plenty of space left in this pc and I plan on adding some
more hard drives.

Also, is there a way I can tell vector to automatically mount the floppy, cd-rom drive, and second hard drive on startup? I'd rather not mount them manually each time I reboot.

Next, is there a way to copy some of the start menu icons to the desktop for frequently used applications?

Also, how can I add a drawer icon to the desktop? For example,
I'd like a "Music applications" drawer icon on the desktop. When the
icon is clicked, you'd get a second window with icons to launch all
music applications. If I could figure this out, I could organize many
of my chosen applications by drawers, like system utils, office
applications, graphics programs, video editing, and so on.
I'd REALLY love to be able to set up my desktop like this. PLEASE HELP ME DO SO!

Also, what folder are the icons that are displayed in the create launcher dialog located? I can't seem to find them, and another question on icons, what graphics format are they (.PNG?) and where can I find a painting program to create icons for linux?

Is there a conversion program for windows icons to change/convert
them to the vector linux format? Are there any good places you could suggest to download more icons?

VECTOR LINUX is amazingly more customizable than windows, and I'd really like
to take advantage of that to create a better user experience for myself.
I'd really appreciate some of you guys sharing your thoughts on these
questions, and your methods of customizing your desktops.

I have to say, I have not enjoyed a computer so much in years and years.
I find myself really enjoying myself immensely when working with this pc.
Its fast, sleek, and the desktop looks good so far, but If I can get it a bit
more customized to my needs, I'd be even happier with it.

I haven't enjoyed a computer so much since my first amiga! The multi-desktop
feature of linux is just awesome, so much deskspace. After using it for awhile
I can't imagine working any other way, its just a great thing to have. This too,
reminds me of my old amiga.

Which reminds me, is there a way I can create a resizable ramdisk, like amiga
os and a desktop icon for accessing it? I think that would REALLY be a useful
little thing to have. If you can't do that with just plain old vector, is there
a program to do something similar?

Another dumb question, I have some books, but where can I find a tutorial on
commands with the command prompt/terminal. Is BASH the one used in
vectorlinux? BTW, I really smiled when I saw the file manager in the command prompt... MIDNIGHT COMMANDER YEAH!

Sorry so many questions, I am so very excited with my new vector pc. I have not felt so inspired by a computer in years. Its just the perfect vehicle for
some of my creative projects. I'm sure this pc will be just a learning experience
for me. Once I have vector more thoroughly figured out I planning on building
ALOT faster pc to use with vector. For the time being this old pc most people
might throw in the trash is getting LOTS of use.

I'm so happy I chose vector after playing with several other distros lately, all
ran like crap on this old beast. Vector runs great EVEN on this ancient pc. I can't wait to see it run on a more modern computer, but for now I'm incredibly
happy with even this old doorstop, now that it has a real os on it, its like
a brand new pc to me.

KUDOS to the whole vector linux team for creating such a WONDERFUL package!
My thanks in advance to those of you who wil help me jump some of these little hurdles. I'll be EVEN HAPPIER with this pc once I get the things in this post



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Re: Dumb desktop questions for you Vector novices/experts.
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2008, 05:50:23 am »

Welcome to the vector community, your enthusiasm is encouraging :)

Quite a few questions in your post, you will get better results if you split them into several different topics in the appropriate sectons of the forum. I'll grab some that I know a little about.

You can use vasm to format and auto-mount your second hard disk. Vector can indeed handle windows drives. For write access you will need ntfs-3g. Play with gslapt for installing and removing programs. Hit the refresh button before searching.

There is not much point in auto-mounting floppy drives and CD-ROM's on boot. It will fail if there is no disc in the drive.

For your desktop icons, that depends on which Desktop Environment/Version you are using. VL Std (XFCE)?, SOHO (KDE)? Please state what VL version you are using.

Icons can be created/converted using gimp. A lighter option would be mtpaint. PNG works well.


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Re: Dumb desktop questions for you Vector novices/experts.
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2008, 06:17:51 pm »

Thanks for your help...

I have made some progress with the hard drives and that...

Still not sure how to handle the icons/desktop questions I asked.

I am using vector linux deluxe 5.9 with xfce, if that helps any...
I would have posted the questions seperately, but especially the desktop icon related questions, all seemed related. Any help here would be appreciated.



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Re: Dumb desktop questions for you Vector novices/experts.
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2008, 12:44:00 am »

Thanks to Overthere, most of the desktop icon questions answered and problems solved...

See this thread if your looking to do these things :

Thanks Overthere!