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Author Topic: I want /dev/disk/by-uuid directory  (Read 3936 times)


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I want /dev/disk/by-uuid directory
« on: June 07, 2008, 11:31:11 am »


my Vector Linux 5.9 Standard doesn't include /dev/disk/by-uuid directory. There are by-label, by-path, by-id directories, but no by-uuid. What's wrong?

I want to specify the root partition in GRUB using UUID. So when I use UUID of my root fs as root kernel parameter, "kernel panicked - unable to mount root fs" error shows up.

When I enter /dev/sda2 as root= instead of UUID, the system boots ok and even though there is no by-uuid directory, but I'm able to mount /dev/sda1 by it's UUID (mount UUID=4841-38C0 /mnt/hd), which I can find out using vol_id command. That's a little strange I think. It seems like the system understands the UUID when I log in, but not in the early phase of booting.

Please help!