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« on: June 05, 2008, 07:04:48 am »
I started using Linux about 8 months ago. My first experience with Linux was DSL and then Puppy. I think I learned more about linux using DSL but Puppy is still the greatest, when using as a recovery tool. I decided I wanted to try a bigger distro and Vector Linux 5.9 Light Beta 3 was my choice. The first time I tried VL, I couldn't get things to work, like connecting to the internet. I actually gave up and went back to DSL & Puppy. I had them both installed on my HD. I wasn't going to be satisfied, though, until I got VL Light up and running. After some trial and error, and a lot of help from the nice people in the forums. I have VL Light up and running, connected to the internet, obviously, and am really enjoying this distro. I am running VL Light with 64 MB RAM/ 754.36 MHz AMD Duron /30G HD, (1/2 of which I'm sharing with Win XP) and dial up. Not the most powerful setup...but it works for me...for now :)  I really like VL and the help from the forum is fantastic! I look forward to spending a lot of time here.
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64 MB RAM/ 754.36 MHz AMD Duron /30GB HD, (1/2 of which I'm sharing with Win XP)


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Re: Hello
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Welcome aboard.
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Re: Hello
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Welcome to VL, thunderheights!

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Re: Hello
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hi thunderheights..vl-light is very impressive  and on 64megs ram is even more impressive..hope you enjoy this little distro as much as I...cheers
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