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Author Topic: [BREAKTHROUGH!][Read 1st Post] I need to get 16-bit to work! [i810][DRI][Crash]  (Read 22219 times)


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I must get this to work! ;D


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Re: I think my graphics card should work faster.
« Reply #46 on: July 21, 2008, 03:06:26 pm »

16 bit crashes on load. I want 16 bit. I need 16 bit. 16 bit is being mean and crashing =(

Someone said it  may have been that the framebuffer is using the 16-bit, I added vga=normal to the lilo file. (Not after append =, it wont work, but as it's own option) And I think it doesn't load framebuffer. But 16 bit still crashes. Whyyyy!

For example: startx makes the screen glitch with colorful colors and stripes and random nonsense. It basically freezes.

Back to this post....

Your current lilo should already contain a 'vga=XXXXX' statement within it.  This should be declared globally in the upper section (i.e. before operating system options).  I recommend you make the 'vga=xxx' change there and not in 'append=' (I do not think this change is effective in append).  After you've made your change and saved the file (as root), you need to run 'lilo -v' to make the changes take effect, then reboot.

Rather than setting vga=normal try something like 'vga=771' (800x600, 8-bit, 256 colors).

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