Author Topic: trying to install wacom drivers - Resolved (via a patch in wine)  (Read 30344 times)

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Re: trying to install wacom drivers - Resolved (via a patch in wine)
« Reply #45 on: June 21, 2008, 01:20:35 pm »
Hi everybody.

I currently use debian, but I'm willing to change to some other distro in which the tablet works perfectly under wine... (and also has a decent functioning of the programs under wine overall... it's unbelievable the disparity between the same windows' program running under lenny (testing) and etch (stable) - makes me suspicious that there's something deeply wrong with my etch's installation - but it also probably has a fairly old version of wine, while in lenny I have 1.0 already, so maybe that is all that is there to blame for it)

You guys were able to make it work perfectly (essentially meaning, the basics, absolute positioning, plus pressure sensivity) in many programs? With ArtWeaver and Deep Paint 2 specifically?

I can get it working in ArtRage and somewhat in Open Canvas. ArtRage is perfect, almost unbelievably good (far better than native Gimp, and I won't even mention Krita), but Open Canvas gets the vertical axis inverted for some reason. ArtRage weirdly will do that as well, if the option "precise tablet" is enabled.

I've tried to install the tablet's windows driver under wine, but I think it's worthless, as I've read some things about it later...

I'll eventually check the source code of wine and see how is that part of the patch mentioned here, seems different, bigger, from other patches I've seen around, perhaps I could just add this patch and stick with debian lenny.