Author Topic: VL-5.9 Std as CUPS print sharing server on small home network - how can I do it?  (Read 2891 times)


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Have successfully installed VL-5.9 Std on an old linux box, which I intend to use as a Cups printing server with an HP3550 usb printer.

Home network is set up and is up and running, behind the excellent diskless Firewall and Router Coyote style (BrazilFW version 2.28 ) which runs at another old linux box (PcChips Motherboard, AMD K6-2 350 "down-clocked" to 166 mhz, with 32Mb Ram, no hdd, no keyboard, no monitor, running just out of a floppy where the BrazilFW distro linux is installed).

Have 3 pcs behind it ( one Acer 5570z NoBo, one Duron750mhz desktop and the old linux box Sharp Actius A280 - PII-366 64MbRam) sharing a 2 Gb Broadband Internet connection.

Firewall is set to use DHCP, both externally and internally with broadband ISP and also with internal Lan clients.

All the 3 pcs are pinging each other correctly, without problems, therefore the network is set properly. No other file sharing being set-up, once I want those to operate independently, sharing only the printer.

Old Linuxbox Sharp Actius A280 is set only with Linux (VL-5.9 std) and is always "on" with its Hp Deskjet usb printer connected, the same way as the dedicated Coyote style (BrazilFW) diskless router and firewall which is running flawlessly for about 2 years already.

Duron750 Desktop pc operates either using Win XP-Pro sp2 or Linux distro Kurumin NG based on Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron.

Acer Aspire 5570z NoBo, operates with Linux distro Kurumin NG (Kubuntu-8.04 Hardy Heron) or Kurumin 7.0r3 (Debian etch) and rarely with Win XP-Pro sp2.

Based on above, I've tried first just to enable and set-up Hp Deskjet 3550 connected via usb as a shared printer using CUPS. The other 2 pcs, could not "see" it, so I've tried enabling Samba.

HP printer still not being detected and usable by the other two pc's, although, pinging the other home network machines, works both ways from each of the 3 pc's.

Can someone give me some enlightenment ?


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