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Author Topic: Non-root user's group GID number doesn't stick when creating new files  (Read 2784 times)


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On initial VL5.9 standard install, I created a non-root user, and it was automatically assigned to 1000:1000 uid:gid.  Later, I wanted to change the ID numbers to 1001:1001, but keep the names.  I logged in as root to ensure that user 1000 wasn't logged in or their personal files weren't in use.  Then, ran "usermod -u 1001 [user-name]" and "groupmod -g 1001 [group-name]"  Then changed directory to /home/[user-name], and used "chown -R --from=:1000 :1001 ./*"

All my user's files and folders were alright.  But, sometimes when I created new files/folders, the GID 1000 got assigned again.  Seeing this, I ran "groups" as that user and got an error about 1000 being the user's group, but that number not being assigned. (I forget the exact wording).  In /etc/group, the line for that user's group had the correct number assigned, but no user's listed.  So I added the user's name to that line in the file, saved it, then opened the group shadow file, and saw a line for the relevant group, but there was an exclamation mark, too.  Left this alone.

The username is okay, but the user's group number is a problem.