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Author Topic: Howto: Fix missing Thunderbird icon on VL59 Light B5  (Read 3386 times)


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Howto: Fix missing Thunderbird icon on VL59 Light B5
« on: July 07, 2008, 06:49:09 pm »
    How to fix the thunderbird no icon problem in LXDE Desktop and panel icons.

 When I installed Thunderbird on VL light B5 using gslapt there was no icon on the .desktop file. I installed , reinstalled thunderbird. Even a new distro  install. The problem is the lxde  icon located in  /usr/share/pixmaps does not match the one called for in the .desktop config  file. The program icons are actually determined from .desktop files located in /usr/share/applications. To correct the missing icon, in /usr/share/applications right click on the space where the icon should be. Open the file in a text editor then modify the icon= string to show the same icon that is in /usr/share/pixmaps. The icon should then appear in the menu and anywhere there is a . desktop file. I have not encountered any other missing icons, but this would be the first thing I'd check if I did.
PPS: you must be root to do this
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VL ADDICT-running 5.8