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Author Topic: Installing VL in a virtual machine  (Read 1133 times)


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Installing VL in a virtual machine
« on: July 15, 2008, 10:56:02 pm »
I've just installed the latest VL 6.0 Gnome iso in a Virtualbox virtual machine. I had quite a bit of problem doing it, and I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this.

Host is a Zenwalk 5.2 install, and I've used Virtualbox under it to install things like the latest OpenSUSE and Dreamlinux without any problems. Vector didn't go so well, though I don't understand quite why.

I used cfdisk to partition the virtual hard drive, then started the install. It stalled completely at the 'making /dev/hda5 swap' stage. After giving it 20 minutes, I gave up. I then tried installing it to a virtual hard drive that had already been used (replacing DreamLinux). That worked, though it was very slow at several stages, including the making swap stage.

Under the same circumstances, installing both OpenSUSE and Dreamlinux was much faster. Given that Vector is normally a much quicker install, I'm more than a bit puzzled as to why it was so slow in a virtual machine.