Author Topic: Need help with menu.lst for grub frugal install.  (Read 24818 times)


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Re: Need help with menu.lst for grub frugal install.
« Reply #30 on: August 12, 2008, 12:48:35 pm »
Very close to success now.

It seems to take the changes saved in the changes directory
but it hangs or goes into loop over PCM error says.

Shutting down sound driver amixer:Unable to find simple control PCM,0
Killing all processes and hangs and never get out of it. So I did hard reboot
holding in the power four seconds and it created a random error that made it
hang on book but by shutting it down again and letting it cool off it recovered
and booted normally and had all in it that I saved. bookmark to this thread
and files with links I had in old windows.

So I only need to find a way to reboot without hanging. Hangs every time on PCM now
so I will first try to make a change to the alsa mixer in vasm? konsole alsamixer

Surprise this one have no pcm. How did this happen? Does it need a PCM what is that for?
I test youtube to see if PCM is used there. It didn\t say but played with same low output
that have been so since first test of Vector. Could be something with the driver used.
I have realtek 880 something

So what more than vasm could look for this PCM or could I repair it in any way using the
magical CLI?

Maybe vasm has no pcm but alsmixer had and it had 100% level. I try to reboot again.
Nope hanges after the alsamixer each time. But after hard reboot holding in more than
four seconds it most of the time does survive the hard boot

But that is not an ideal solution. So what could have gone wrong now?

I feel bad about having to delete al lthose directories again? would it really help
with the hanging?
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