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Multipurpose Server
« on: August 07, 2008, 07:38:40 pm »

I have installed Vector Linux 5.9 Lite on a old PC and I am look to use it as a Multi-purpose server.

As this is my first time using Linux I would like some very detailed instruction on how to set up the following things:

a: Remote Desktop or someway of accessing the PC from my main PC (Vista)
b: A HTTP server for a home Intranet
c: A public FTP server for remote access of files
d: A small NAS server to share documents and files

The PC will be connected to a Router (Wired) which is in turn connected to the ADSL modem.

PC Specs:
1.7 GHz Celeron
128mb Ram
40Gb HDD

Thanks for your time.



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Re: Multipurpose Server
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2008, 04:24:52 am »
Hi, tl8 and welcome to Vector.

Your idea is good one, and a great way to learn Linux.

Before going any further, you will get the same warning as others: Making a home server accessible from the Internet is not a trivial matter. It can be a huge security risk and liability. Restrict it to local use until you gain an understanding of risks, protocols, ports, access control, logging, audits and more. Many ISP's, especially cable providers, do not allow public servers on a home account. I repeat: do not set up a public server until you understand what is involved, and then only if you really need it.

You should tackle one project at the time, then put it all together at the end. Don't be afraid to start over from scratch by re-installing a few times. Also, start a separate thread in the appropriate forum section for each issue.

I suggest you start by learning how to remotely control the box. Since this is an old PC, using SSH (think remote command line) will allow you to run the server without X-windows and freeing it's resources to doing server work. Install PuTTY on the Windows machine:  Once connected, get to know Midnight Commander (command: mc) for navigation and file management. If you want a point-and-click interface, VNC is in the repository.

A good the next step is to set up local file sharing using Samba:

Enjoy your freedom.  :)


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Re: Multipurpose Server
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2008, 05:09:42 am »
I have a similar setup at home, except my box is a bit slower than yours and I use mine maily as a printing server (and http sometimes)
You may want to look into X11 tunnelled over ssh for enhanced security. Maybe use Xming on your windows machine (i've done this before) Another posibility would be to tightvnc for your vnc server (this is much easier) and something like ultravnc or vncviewer(available from tightvnc) for your client (windows pc). I know this is a lot for someone who is just coming into Linux, not to mention that you will most likely be required to do some port forwarding for your http and ftp servers to work. Personally, rather than a ftp server, I would rather using samba shares over ftp server, but that's a personal preference. There are certainly several ways to go about this and since you're trying to accomplish several things, I'd recommend taking them one at a time. Try searching the forums for things like "VNC","tightvnc","ssh". Post your questions on the appropriate sections of the forum.
Welcome to VL BTW, nice to have you here