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Author Topic: Option for login manager (kdm) doesn't work  (Read 3453 times)


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Option for login manager (kdm) doesn't work
« on: August 11, 2008, 12:40:01 am »

Using VL 5.9 Std.

I'm trying to edit /etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc to display the users in a certain order in the login screen.
There is an option SortUsers that when set to false displays users in the order they appear in /etc/passwd and alphabetically if set to true.

But even though I set it to false, I still get them in alphabetical order.
My kdmrc bit:
Code: [Select]
# If false, the users are listed in the order they appear in /etc/passwd.
# If true, they are sorted alphabetically.
# Default is true

My /etc/passwd bit:
Code: [Select]
user1:x:1000:1000:Real Name:/home/user1:/bin/bash
user2:x:1001:1001:Real Name:/home/user2:/bin/bash

They're still displayed in guest, user1, user2 order.

Any ideas? Thank you!