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Author Topic: What is the maximum resolution I can set? [SOLVED]  (Read 5442 times)


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Re: What is the maximum resolution I can set??
« Reply #15 on: August 11, 2008, 09:29:48 pm »

Just writing to finish this thread.

I've been reducing the ranges of Hrefresh and Vsync without any luck, those lines keep appearing. But I don't  mind, they aren't annoying at all.
One thing though, this "problem" is gone if I set it to 1024x768 but my card can display it only in 8 bit, which looks horrible...

Finally my videocard dislays with the vesa driver (IIRC):

8 bit   X   X   X
16 bit   X   X
24 bit   X

Thanks for all the help.

PS: The default login screen looks bad in lower resolutions (640x480,800x600). Eg: I am unable to see the "login" and "password" words. It's like they got behind the, I don't know how to call it, the box where I enter the login and password.
Runnning VL 5.9 Light on Desktop P133 Mhz, 64 Mb Ram, 4 Gb harddisk.
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