Author Topic: After Compiling a Theme Engine, it's NO where in my theme manager (((SOLVED)))  (Read 4050 times)


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I have successfully compiled the Aurora theme engine (no errors) and the .la and .so files are in the correct path with the other theme engines on my machine. i have run ldconfig, restarted my computer, recompiled, over and over again, and STILL, this theme engine will not show up in my theme manager. HERE IS THE WEIRDEST PART: not even the the themes (which are in /usr/share/themes) will show up in my theme manager for selection. but the xfwm themes WILL. im at my wit's end with this. it seems so simple, yet im at a dead end. help?

okay. here is what i discovered: when i copied the themes into /usr/share/themes, the permissions were changed on them, making them "no access". the reason they did not show up when i placed them in ~/.themes, is because i named it .Themes, with a capital t..

im becoming the laughing stock of this forum. LEARN from my mistakes before its too late!
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Heh, heh.  Don't feel bad. I've made many mistakes that weren't obvious to me at the time, that others wouldn't of made. You know, silly stuff like posting in the kernel thread that I couldn't get my custom built kernel to work.  After many failed attempts...  I figured out I wasn't running LILO after installing.  I SHOULD of remembered that.  ::)