Author Topic: svgalib_helper problems  (Read 3259 times)


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svgalib_helper problems
« on: August 22, 2008, 10:49:21 pm »
I'm trying to get the gui to links and zgv to work but at the command line I always get the error :

cannont open /dev/svga is  svgalib_helper module loaded?

Ive tried the following:

Uninstalled and Reinstalled svgalib, and svgalib_helper. (modprobe svgalib_helper -- fatal module not found)
Compiling from the source package. (the error I get is cant load svgalib_helper invalid module format)
I can load the module svgalib with modprobe but the svgalib _helper module is a no go with modprobe or insmod.

Ive searched the web and tried all the tips given to no avail.....

any help appreciated.

vllight 5.9
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