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Author Topic: CAD renderings under Windows WINE run programs  (Read 2410 times)


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CAD renderings under Windows WINE run programs
« on: August 20, 2008, 02:28:31 am »

Hallo Everybody,

I just installed VL on my laptop as my only OS, and looks fine (had to reinstall a couple of times because I messed up the system while reading some Slackware manuals, but ok, I sure don't blame the system...).

Just a first question:

I want to use some freeware programs created by IKEA (the furniture producer) for furnishing the house.
They work under Win, and starting with WINE they look working, but I can not see anything in the visualisation window.
I think it is a kind of basical CAD application with possibility of 3D rendering.
Actually, when I change something, during the rendering progress it's possible to see the objects for a second, then the visualisation screen immediately fades black.
I am using a VL 5.9 Standard (fully installed), last WINE version, P3 866Mhz with 120 MB RAM (but I tried on openSUSE 11.0 on my T61 with 2GB RAM and I have the same problem).

Anybody has an idea?

Thanks in andvance,