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Author Topic: we need a comm thread  (Read 7287 times)

Triarius Fidelis

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Re: we need a comm thread
« Reply #15 on: September 10, 2008, 11:01:31 pm »

By the way, my plan might be working

One of my friends suggested that I should simply impress upon her that I am very talented and will be able to support a family easily, so I started doing that

She got a bunch of guys to attempt to find solutions for several problems including the 3x3 magic square (perhaps testing us?), so I found all eight (yeah I know dihedral symmetry in D sub 4, but still) with a Python program that took me two minutes to write, not counting the time it took me to download the combination generator

I showed my own fractal art as well

Then I played this for her

She said "Oh my god, how do you know this?"

So I stepped through how I downloaded nearly two hundred songs from the originating page, including many that weren't explicitly hosted on the site ... I have mostly old mor lam; new material tends towards crap, and she said she could not find much like that herself

Like I said, I have detailed files

I usually don't have any trust in anything I do but I just thought of something: the trifecta of engineering skills, cultural malleability and being whiter than sour cream doesn't come along everyday. (With my luck, there's going to be a 6'6" blond student from Norway who speaks Lao proficiently tomorrow)

But, seriously, she raises her eyebrows at me every time I walk in, I should simply pursue her

Oh yeah I shaved and I am going to show her my translation of the legend of Sithon and Manola tomorrow

And if it doesn't work out, I'm probably going to Lehigh or CMU next semester at any rate; remember, they're ... engineering schools
"Leatherface, you BITCH! Ho Chi Minh, hah hah hah!"

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