Author Topic: Touchscreen issues - Lifebook b2175  (Read 2632 times)


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Touchscreen issues - Lifebook b2175
« on: October 26, 2008, 07:22:49 pm »
I'm new to Linux.

I have just installed vector on an old laptop fujitsu b2175.

It works great.  There is one thing that I need to figure out. The touchscreen does not work properly and i'm not sure what the problem is ... that is, I'm not sure how I go about finding a solution.

The touchscreen DOES respond if I touch it... but its way off. The pointer always pops up on the left side rather then underneath the finger. If i glide the finger over the screen, the pointer moves in the right direction, but is always off, that is always about 3 inches to the left.

So... what I want to understand is: is my problem improper calibration, or is it more serious and I am I lacking the drivers.  If its improper calibration, how do I go about calibrating it. If I'm missing the drivers, are there vector linux specific drivers... and where do I find them for download (and how do I install)?

Remember... Im an absolute newb...




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Re: Touchscreen issues - Lifebook b2175
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2008, 01:21:07 pm »
I'm sort of a newbie too but i've looked at a touch screen a time or two and it does sound like yours needs calibration. Maybe it's in the mouse configuration or something. If the mouse is moving, then you probably do have a working driver.
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