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Author Topic: 081108 abiword-plugins-2.6.4 & dependencies [VL 6.0]  (Read 1258 times)


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081108 abiword-plugins-2.6.4 & dependencies [VL 6.0]
« on: November 07, 2008, 10:26:51 pm »

I've packaged abiword-plugins which greatly expand the functionality of the AbiWord word processor, adding everything from the ability to read OpenOffice and WordPerfect files to a grammar checker and a thesaurus (English only).  I've also built a number of external plugins or applications that are required.

Package:  abiword-plugins-2.6.4-i586-1vl60.tlz
MD5: 0c3dc407e0bc5e994fee57d4539ad161
Package Size:  634K
Installed Size:  3100K


Code: [Select]
abiword-plugins: (Abiword Plugins)
abiword-plugins: Plugins to extend the functionality of the
abiword-plugins: AbiWord word processor.
abiword-plugins: License: GNU General Public License, version 2
abiword-plugins:  Website:

Package: ots-0.5.0-i586-1vl60.tlz
MD5:  1ce1bc8d4c5e91f71f0deea97dc7aec6
Package Size:  48K
Installed Size:  290K


Code: [Select]
ots: ots (open text summarizer)
ots: The open text summarizer is an open source tool for summarizing
ots: texts. The program reads a text and decides which sentences
ots: are important and which are not. OTS will create a short
ots: summary or will highlight the main ideas in the text. OTS is both
ots: a library and a command line tool. Word processors such as
ots: AbiWord and KWord can link to the library and summarize documents
ots: License:  GNU General Public License, version 2
ots: Authors:  Nadav Rotem <> & others
ots: Website:

Package: link-grammar-4.3.8-i586-1vl60.tlz
MD5: 5b030a50b940b6b1506a34d32ae34369
Package Size:  595K
Installed Size:  2350K


Code: [Select]
link-grammar: link-grammar (syntactic parser of English grammar)
link-grammar: The Link Grammar Parser is a syntactic parser of English,
link-grammar: based on link grammar, an original theory of  English syntax.
link-grammar: Given a sentence, the system assigns to it a syntactic
link-grammar: structure, which consists of a set of labeled links
link-grammar: connecting pairs of words.
link-grammar: License:  see LICENSE file
link-grammar: Authors:  Davy Temperley, John Lafferty and Daniel Sleator
link-grammar: Website:

Package:  aiksaurus-1.2.1-i586-1vl60.tlz
MD5: 7f06ca83e5c0629d6e459995b4d39bf0
Package Size: 319K
Installed Size:  710K

Sources :

Code: [Select]
aiksaurus: aiksaurus (A cross-platform, open-source thesaurus)
aiksaurus: Aiksaurus is a set of libraries and applications which provide
aiksaurus: a thesaurus (currently English only, based on Guttenburg's
aiksaurus:Moby thesaurus) using native GUI (GTK+ & Qt).
aiksaurus: License:  GNU General Public License, version 2
aiksaurus: Authors:  see AUTHORS file
aiksaurus: Website:

Package:  gtkmathview-0.8.0-i586-1vl60.tlz
MD5: 64290c6a98bd7fc005e7f540e5c1e2e6
Package Size:  949K
Installed Size:  8130K


Code: [Select]
gtkmathview: gtkmathview (C++ rendering engine for MathML documents)
gtkmathview: GtkMathView is a C++ rendering engine for MathML
gtkmathview: documents.  It provides an interactive view that can be
gtkmathview: used for browsing and editing MathML markup.
gtkmathview: License:  GNU Library General Public License (LGPL), Version 3
gtkmathview: Authors:  Luca Padovani & others (see AUTHORS file)
gtkmathview: Website:

Package:  psiconv-
MD5: 34d0716665f55b66c1e758ddfa6dbefc
Package Size:  217K
Installed Size:  1380K


Code: [Select]
psiconv: psiconv (Psion 5 PDA file conversion utilities)
psiconv: This package is meant to make the Psion 5 series of PDAs, as
psiconv: well as  other small computers running EPOC 32, more usable
psiconv: to non-Windows users.  It includes a  library which can be linked
psiconv: against application that have to read and write Psion 5 files and
psiconv: an example command-line program which reads Psion files
psiconv: and writes more commonly used formats.
psiconv: License:  GNU General Public LIcense, Version 2
psiconv: Authors:  Frodo Looijaard <> and others
psiconv: Website:

After testing these packages please take a moment and come back to this thread to let us know how they work for you.

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