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Author Topic: pdfsam  (Read 2213 times)


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« on: November 16, 2008, 12:23:46 pm »

When time permits, it would be helpful if pdfsam ( were added to the repositories.  It is not hard to install from the pdfsam homepage, but gslapt would be easier (and would be an acknowledgment of sorts by Vector that this is a very useful program). 

It is not uncommon (for me) to be the recipient of a pdf document which has been signed by several people in different offices.  Before pdfsam, I would print out the signature pages, physically add them to the end of the document, then scan the document back to me with the signature pages added.  That would be the final document.

With pdfsam, I simply break each pdf at the signature page and then merge all the signature pages to the end of one of the documents. That way,I get a final document without need to involve the scanner.

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