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Xterm Bug Captured
« on: November 11, 2008, 05:15:48 pm »
At last it seems the problem with xterm in VL-all-flavors has been found
with the help of nightflyer. Xterm in VL for users could not show special characters
with Alt-some-key, would not react to Ctrl-Alt-F* to get out of X and in some version
would not respond to setxkbmap **.

The problem is in the settings  of /home/user/.Xdefaults.

I have not yet narrowed down which setting in particular, however, using the .Xdefaults
from root or from another slacky distro that probem in user is gone.

Strangly, I and others have reported this problem several times with hardly eliciting
any replies and none that found the cause.

Thanks Nightflyer & Regards