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Author Topic: Thinkpad "TPB" error  (Read 2618 times)


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Thinkpad "TPB" error
« on: November 16, 2008, 04:06:38 pm »

Hello everyone :)

I have a Thinkpad 1200 (1161-257) running VL 5.9 Standard (it runs great!! for an old box ;D), i'm having trouble configuring the hotkeys (fn+?), i googled and i read a lot about people that uses "TPB" with "XOSD", i tried to download the source files from ( and folow the instructions in the "readme file", i'm able to make the ./configure, but when i try to do the "make" i got an error saying "make: *** [all] Error 2", i tryed diferent versions of "TPB" but i get always the same  :-\, maybe i'm downloading the wrong version of the source, our i'm missing some aditional parameter, i can see that there are packages for debian, Red Hat and Fedora...but i think these ones cant help me much...any ideas people? :)

Thank you in advance  8)
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