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So I'm at university now
« on: January 22, 2009, 01:40:48 am »
So I'm studying at the University of Buffalo now. I changed my major to MIS because I don't like university and don't want it to ruin my strongest interests: computer science, mathematics and CE/EE. I still might minor in Chinese and hope UB doesn't ruin that for me. Hopefully I can keep my technical interests alive while working my way up from IT management to independent wealth in the form of some kind of consulting enterprise.

It's really huge, and cold. Walking around here is kind of like being in the presence of lumbering frost giants. However, the weather is merely brisk now, at about -10/3 Celsius, rather than categorically frigid. All digits remain firmly attached.

So far I have only pissed off one person, but he was from a very small, very obnoxious Middle Eastern country which shall remain nameless (hint: rule out any Arab country, because Arabs are actually polite, and also rule out Iran and Turkey because they aren't small), so he's an outlier as far as I'm concerned. Never saw him again anyway.

Also I am ghostwriting some online courses at two other schools (which shall also remain nameless) for a close friend who has English as a third language, after Korean and Chinese, and really needs my help. So effectively I have like 27 credit hours. It's quite a load, but I might actually pull all A's this semester assuming I can maintain interest in accounting. Wotan mit mir.

So here I am chillaxing to some Zhou Xuan at 4:25 AM, wondering how my sleeping schedule is going to get rectified.

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