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Author Topic: Hplip, updated driver on VL6rc3- "printer queue setup failed"  (Read 2064 times)


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Hplip, updated driver on VL6rc3- "printer queue setup failed"
« on: January 17, 2009, 08:43:08 am »
HP printer, hplip included VL6rc3 is 2.8.4 which unfortunately is the only version that doesn't include A3 printing for my HP1220c printer.
I updated to the latest 2.12, but have the "printer queue setup failed" warning. So found a hack which is run "LC_ALL=$LANG.UTF8 hp-toolbox" in terminal - works fine. Is there a way to include this setting in a config file somewhere so I can forget about it and allow to run toolbox normally.
Also I havent been able to get the HP plugin to work with VL6.
Suggestions appreciated.

Below is a comment re above I found on the net:
There is a minor problem with the HPLIP and CUPS versions in Slackware 12.1;
hp-toolbox will not work unless LC_ALL is set to a UTF8 locale.
An easy workaround is to start it with "LC_ALL=$LANG.UTF8 hp-toolbox" if
you're not using a UTF8 locale. Also, your user account must be a member
of the "lp" group for hp-toolbox to work properly, and to use the scanner
portion of some (all?) HP print/scan/copy units, you'll need to be a member
of the "lp" group. This is due to the fact that hplip's udev rules set
the device with group "lp" ownership.