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Author Topic: [Announce] src2pkg-1.9.7 release  (Read 2270 times)


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[Announce] src2pkg-1.9.7 release
« on: January 29, 2009, 02:38:51 am »
Finally, after nearly a whole year, I have released a new version of src2pkg. As you might imagine, 12 months of work means that there are *many* changes. The best way to get an overview of the most important and user-visible changes is to the read the CHANGES file:

If you have the inclination (and *lots* of time), you can read a more detailed account of the changes in the ChangeLog:

The installable package of the new version is here:

As always, I am interested in any comments, suggestions, bug reports or code submissions. These can be sent to me directly at:

This new version includes some huge improvements in functionality which make the creation of excellent packages even easier. A couple of routines have been added which do more thorough checks of the package content and notify you of anything 'unusual'. It also now verifies the use of DESTDIR, fixes errors and notifies you of the problem. DESTDIR is often only partially supported by the Makefiles and while installing most of a package in the specified DESTIR, will also install some files to the real root '/' partition. src2pkg now recognizes this error, adds the 'stray' files to the package and lists them for you. Of course this only happens if you are using src2pkg as user 'root'.

src2pkg also now provides an easy-to-use 'SAFE' mode which functions the same way that used to be the only way you could use src2pkg. That is, SAFE mode can be used when running as 'root' and uses no DESTDIR when creating the package content. This provides the most accurate detection of files, dirs and links created by the 'make install' command, using the built-in functionality of libsentry. But SAFE mode also provides a backup functionality which backs up any files which are about to be overwritten by the 'make install' command and restores these files before package creation is finished. As part of the packaging process, the newly installed files are copied into the package tree and then removed from the real location under '/'. This means that even before the package creation is finished, your system is restored to its' original state.

Of course, src2pkg still allows you to build most packages as a normal user -only packages which require unusual directory ownerships (or which have severly broken Makefile 'install' rules) need to be created as user 'root'.

This new version includes a new version of the 'src2pkg-helpers' programs, so you'll need to run the command 'src2pkg --setup' (as root) after installing or upgrading src2pkg.

Also, this new version uses a new syntax in the /etc/src2pkg/src2pkg.conf file, so you'll need to rename or delete any old src2pkg.conf files which you have been using. The easiest way is to simply rename your old conf file to somthing else like src2pkg.conf.bak.
Then, you should have a look at the new src2pkg.conf file which gets installed and see how the new syntax differs so you can make any custom changes accordingly. Of course, the use of the conf file is optional, so if you have been using src2pkg without any changes to the conf file, you don't have to do anything (but it would still be good to get rid of the old src2pkg.conf file before installing or upgrading to the newer version).

A new feature of src2pkg is the ability to use extensions to the normal code. I have created an example which should be useful for users of vector linux. It adds the needed lines to the end of the slack-desc file which contain the VL_PACKAGER, date, configure options, etc, which are required for vector packages. You can add this extension by downloading it from here:
Please read the directions for usage here:

Hopefully this new version will prove to be as problem-free as the last stable release!