Author Topic: My instinct is to say Howdy, but someone just SAID howdy... so hello.  (Read 2687 times)


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   I bought a Thinkpad 600E on ebay for 70 bucks, just a toy really, and it came with no OS. I knew I would want DOS and Linux, and this past couple weeks I discovered the wonders of FreeDOS. This is also when i discovered Vector Linux (Praise and Glory Be, Hallelujah!).

   I fell in love people. I was messing around with Xubuntu, it was usable, but slow, and xfce was pissin' me off somethin' fierce. They made it look so similar to the gnome distributed with regular ubuntu, but you can't drag and drop programs onto panels and make a shortcut? F that I said. There was also, of course, the issue that ubuntu doesn't REALLY seem to be intended to do a whole lot of work from the command line.

   Anyway, I'm rambling now. Point being, no thanks on the xubuntu. I tried puppy, but my laptop wouldn't boot the live CD, I wasted three disks assuming I had made bad burns, but when I tested them on my big boy computer I realized they were all fine. It was an article about "linux on older hardware" done sent me this-a-way. I should have tried it first, then I wouldn't have wasted all them disks on puppy.

  Vector FRIGGEN Linux man, this is it, I've found my favorite linux distribution. I know I'm gonna buy the SOHO edition, but I'm holding out for a 6.0 release. I hope to become a contributing member to this community and this project, and after reading the welcomes given to other new members of the forum, I know I'm definitely going to be in good company.

   Well I've said enough. Peace out y'all.


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Re: My instinct is to say Howdy, but someone just SAID howdy... so hello.
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2009, 05:16:21 am »
Hi indubitableness,

Many of us here came here looking for a lightweight distro to rebirth an old hardware.  I had a similar story.  I just was getting more minimalist and felt I didn't need most of what fedora (core 2!, it's a long time ago :) ) offered me.  I googled for 'lightweight linux distro' and 'fastest linux distro' many times, and then I hit vectorlinux.

(really) Fast, (really)  stable,(really) friendly and small enough to make you feel useful and collaborate.  Your ideas are respected, and you're encouraged to make them real.  That's why I'm staying here :)

In no time, VL conquered all my hardware, old and new boxes.

So welcome to vl.

Regards from Spain.


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Re: My instinct is to say Howdy, but someone just SAID howdy... so hello.
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2009, 11:23:01 am »

Some years back, when I first came to Vector, I used the standard edition.  Then later I bought the SOHO disk.  I found it too much like the pre-Vector distros that I had already rejected.  Not needing all that power, I fairly quickly returned to Vector Standard, where I have stayed.  If I remember right, perhaps out of guilt, I also bought a copy of Vector Standard.

Anyway, welcome.  Vector's a good outfit.  I look forward to your input.

VL7.0 xfce4 Samsung RF511