Author Topic: Problem with DVD /CD-RW setup  (Read 2717 times)


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Problem with DVD /CD-RW setup
« on: January 28, 2009, 07:24:49 am »
installed VL-5.9 Standard on a Athlon 900mHz machine. The DVD-ROM is connected as IDE-2 Master and a CD-RW is connected as IDE-2 slave.
The drives are not always mounted when inserting a CD, sometimes it works.
When I try to use VASM to configure, only one drive is detected and VASM asks if it's a writer or not.
Devices shows only one /dev/cdrom
How do I deal with this?


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Re: Problem with DVD /CD-RW setup
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2009, 09:53:57 am »
Please show us the output to the following commands:

cat /etc/fstab
dmesg | grep CD
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Re: Problem with DVD /CD-RW setup
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2009, 08:38:54 am »
# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# The following is an example. Please see fstab(5) for further details.
# Please refer to mount(1) for a complete description of mount options.
# Format:
# <file system>   <mount point>   <type>   <options>   <dump>   <pass>
# dump(8) uses the <dump> field to determine which file systems need
# to be dumped. fsck(8) uses the <pass> column to determine which file
# systems need to be checked--the root file system should have a 1 in
# this field, other file systems a 2, and any file systems that should
# not be checked (such as MS-initrd/mnt or NFS file systems) a 0.

# The Linux partitions
/dev/hda1 / ext3  defaults  0  1

# Shared Windows/Linux partition
#/dev/hda1   /mnt/dos  msdos  umask=0   0  0
#/dev/hda1   /mnt/win  vfat   fmask=111,dmask=0,quiet,shortname=mixed,user  0  0
#/dev/hda1   /mnt/win  ntfs   umask=0   0  0

# Floppy disks
# The 'noauto' option indicates that the file system should not be mounted
# with 'mount -a' 'user' indicates that normal users are allowed to mount
# the file system.
/dev/fd0   /mnt/floppy   auto   defaults,noauto,user   0 0
#/dev/fd1  /mnt/floppy   auto   defaults,noauto,user   0 0

# If you have a ls-120 floppy drive, it could be on /dev/hda b c d etc.
#/dev/hdd   /mnt/ls120   auto   defaults,noauto,user   0 0

/dev/cdrom    /mnt/cdrom   iso9660   defaults,noauto,ro,user   0 0
#/dev/cdwriter /mnt/cdwriter   iso9660   defaults,noauto,rw,user   0 0
#/dev/dvd      /mnt/dvd    auto   defaults,noauto,ro,user   0 0

# NFS file systems:  /mnt/nfs  nfs  defaults  0 0

# proc file system:
proc   /proc   proc   defaults   0 0

# Unix98 devpts filesystem:
none  /dev/pts  devpts  gid=5,mode=666  0 0

# Shared memory filesystem:
tmpfs   /dev/shm    tmpfs defaults 0  0

# Basic USB filesystem
sysfs  /sys  sysfs  defaults  0 0
usbfs /proc/bus/usb usbfs rw,devmode=0666 0 0

# example of a VFAT USB pendrive
#/dev/sda1  /mnt/pendrive vfat   fmask=111,dmask=0,noauto,user,quiet,shortname=mixed 0 0

# Swap partitions
# The 'sw' option means auto activating with 'swapon -a'.

root:# dmesg | grep CD
hdd: LITE-ON LTR-12101B, ATAPI CD/DVD-ROM drive
Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision: 3.20
hdd: ATAPI 32X CD-ROM CD-R/RW drive, 2048kB Cache, DMA

Thanks for your consideration!