Author Topic: touchpad double-click issues  (Read 3876 times)


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touchpad double-click issues
« on: February 12, 2009, 04:44:13 am »
This is the first distribution of Linux I've tried where I've had issues with the touchpad's double-click functionality not working properly.  I like to be able to double-click my touchpads and drag objects on screen with them.  After combing through several example xorg.conf files and trying multiple times to change settings to no avail, I came across an alternative suggestion.  There's a multiclicktime setting in .Xdefaults that controls the responsiveness of the touchpad's double-click.  Some more info on the setting is available here:

Just wondering if anyone else has been having this problem.  Also, anyone have any recommended setting times.  I'm using 500 now like in the example and it works much better, but it's still acting a bit finicky on double-clicks.