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Author Topic: Issue I've found  (Read 1747 times)


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Issue I've found
« on: February 14, 2009, 05:43:33 pm »

This is in regards to 6.0RC4 and could be backwards-"happening", we'll just see. I couldn't think of anywhere else to put this so it's here. If it needs to be moved, please do so.  ;D

OS: VectorLinux 6.0RC4
WM: XFce4 updated to current
Video: ATI X800 using both the radeon and ati opensource drivers (meaning I've tried it on both)
Kernel: all relevant patches applied

Problem: I have the typical random screensaver set for 15 minutes yet if I'm gone for more than 5 minutes after it starts, it will freeze invariably even though the streaming music I'm listening to will still be playing. This is a hard freeze and I have to reboot every time it happens. It also happens with the blanked screen. The times of the freeze after blank/screensaver are random but it will happen. The only way I've found around it is to disable the screensaver entirely and just turn off my monitor when I leave for any amount of time. So far, no freezes with that method employed.

Any ideas? There's nothing in the syslog, no glaring errors, things like that...mystifying to say the least.
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Re: Issue I've found
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2009, 05:46:52 pm »

First, this really belongs i the RC4 feedback/bugs thread so that the developers can see it.

I haven't seen this problem on either of my systems with the screensaver so it may be related to the X driver.  t The fact that the music is still playing means it really isn't a hard system freeze but rather X is freezing.  Can CTRL-ALT-BKSPC break you out of X or restart X?  Will CTRL-ALT-F2 bring you to a console login prompt?
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