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Author Topic: My Wife Loves VL 5.8.....  (Read 6372 times)


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Re: My Wife Loves VL 5.8.....
« Reply #15 on: March 11, 2009, 06:00:48 pm »

I can understand your wife. VL-5.8 is just so nice. I myself did not upgrade to 5.9,
however, eventually one has to move on and I am now in VL-6.
Now I can use a webcam with skype which is not possible with VL-5.8. Other things
beside security are now even better and nicer than in VL-5.8. Too lazy now to recall
them all.

Send your wife my loving feeling and I hope to see her soon on skype. ;)


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Re: My Wife Loves VL 5.8.....
« Reply #16 on: March 11, 2009, 09:12:38 pm »

Th problem now is my father has asked for Windows to be installed (dual-boot)... he thinks it's "more compatible".
It's not really an ideological problem. It's their choice. But it would be a pain in maintenace, as they don't know how to do updates and use anti-virus, firewall, etc...

Windows can be set up to get Windows Updates automatically, Same for antivirus. Most AV programs get updates automatically. Are your parents behind a router? NAT in the router should be sufficient protection. I don't recommend software firewalls for non-technical users. Queries about whether to allow outbound connections are very confusing and most people aren't sure what to say. If they say no, they risk blocking things they need. If they routinely say yes, what's the point of the outbound monitoring? It just wastes their time and slows down their system.

I don't use automatic updates (except for AV) on my Windows systems, but for most users I advise, I do have them use automatic updates because they don't remember to do manual updates and it's worse to be unprotected.
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Re: My Wife Loves VL 5.8.....
« Reply #17 on: March 15, 2009, 05:58:08 pm »


I second all of GrannyGeek's suggestions.

RE virus software, I've had good results with both Norton (symantec) and McAffee (spelling?), but prefer Norton.  Setting it to automatically update is clean and doesn't bog down the machine if you have a high-speed connection. Ditto windows update ... you can also do what we could call the semi-automatic method: have it update on a certain date and time - and just leave the machine on overnight then, letting it do it's thing.

And, yes, use a NAT router/switch --- the software one's can be difficult.  Most of all high-speed vendors (cable, dsl, etc.) have gotten tired of service and complaint calls from virus infections. The firewalls built into these things have gotten pretty good. (And you can hack at your own system and see how it holds up, if you get a hold of the backtrack - live cd: )

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