Author Topic: Anyone install Spicebird in VL6?  (Read 3047 times)


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Anyone install Spicebird in VL6?
« on: March 16, 2009, 02:47:28 am »
I use Spicebird (see more on Spicebird at bottom of this post) on my MEPIS and Eee PC mainly because of it's Google Calendar integration, but it is not running on Vector Deluxe 6.

Using Vector Linux Deluxe with Xfce.
Installed spicebird 0.7.1 to /opt
When I do /opt/spicebird-beta/spicebird
(as user or root) I get this error:
Code: [Select]
/opt/spicebird-beta/ line 166: /opt/spicebird-beta/spicebird-bin: cannot execute binary line 166 is
Code: [Select]
"$prog" ${1+"$@"}
I also posted this question in their forum, but haven't heard anything there.


Spicebird is a collaboration client that provides integrated access to email, contacts, calendaring and instant messaging in a single application. It provides easy access to various web services while retaining all the advantages of a desktop application. The application is based on projects like Thunderbird, Lightning and Telepathy and adds more functionality and integration among its components.

64-bit MEPIS 8 - Desktop 1
VL 6 Deluxe - Desktop 2
Eee PC 900 Default Linux in Easy Mode