Author Topic: Laptop fans dont stop in 6.0 Light  (Read 5508 times)


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Laptop fans dont stop in 6.0 Light
« on: February 26, 2009, 01:26:27 am »

After reading the other similar topic on the forum and realizing it didnt cover my issue, i decided to create yet another post on unstoppable fans.

My Armada 1700 266MHz has 64Mb and a 4Gb HD, so it's a small, old system.

I've been using 5.9 Light and did managed to stop the fans with the acpi=off although is also compromised
the powerdown sligthly, for it needed an extra step.

Yesterday i tryed the 6.0 Light and the fan problem surfaced again, only this time acpi=off does not help,
i even uninstalled acpi deamon without results.

Anyone has a clue?
Thankx in advance  :)


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Re: Laptop fans dont stop in 6.0 Light
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2009, 01:15:06 am »
Try some lighter VL, type 5.8 ex?
"Happily running" VL 5.8  Stnd./ Xfce on old laptops:1999's model Dell Latitude CPt (PII-464 MHz/256MB/6 GB ext3-part) and some newer 2003's Latiitude D600 (1,4GHz/768 RAM/40GB, wiith no screen, as a gateway).. No DuoCores hi-tech  machines exactly. Good luck all  Vectorians -IT  USE TO WORK AT LAST