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Author Topic: glib2 upgrade?  (Read 4000 times)


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glib2 upgrade?
« on: March 31, 2009, 07:57:33 pm »

I'm trying to build the newest version of gtkpod gtkpod-0.99.14
from source and I get the following error

display_playlists.o: In function `pm_selection_changed_cb':
display_playlists.c:(.text+0x3145): undefined reference to `g_warn_if_reached'
sort_window.o: In function `sort_window_delete':
sort_window.c:(.text+0x102d): undefined reference to `g_warn_if_fail'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [gtkpod] Error 1

I found a posting on the web that the undefined references result from not having
glib2 >= 2.16  see: 

I downloaded but didn't install glib2-2.16.6-i486-2_slack12.2 from

glib2 (library of C routines)
GLib is a library which includes support routines for C such as lists,
trees, hashes, memory allocation, and many other things.

My question is since glib seems critical: do I replace my glib2.12.13 or leave it and also install glib2.16?

If they exist side by side, how do I direct the gtkpod source to use glib2.16 instead of glib2.12?


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Re: glib2 upgrade?
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2009, 06:34:50 pm »

I found the answer to my question here:

I used removepkg and installpkg without a problem and gtkpod compiled and runs.

The only strangeness was that the glib2 version dependency wasn't captured correctly.
See the last item on this list.

Code: [Select]
Creating package gtkpod-0.99.14-i386-1.tlz...
Slackware SLAPT-GET package maker, version 2.1.
Prepending doins script ...
Moving symbolic links to scripts ...
Adding slapt-get dependencies ...
flac >= 1.2.1
libvorbis >= 1.2.0
faac >= 1.25
libid3tag >= 0.15.1b
gtk+2 >= 2.10.14
atk >= 1.18.0
pango >= 1.16.4
cairo >= 1.4.10
glib2-2.16.6 >= i486