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Author Topic: accessiing ones systems  (Read 843 times)


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accessiing ones systems
« on: April 06, 2009, 02:19:17 am »
Here is my question:
Is there any way that I can find out how to access my towers hardware specifications.e.g. I would like to know how much
RAM my Motherboard has installed; It originally had 64Mb,but some has been added , and I am not sure what the current amount is.
also the capacity of my hard drive etc.
Thanking you.
cato40 ;Ds


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Re: accessiing ones systems
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2009, 02:45:35 am »
Probably there's some profiling tool installed in vl, but to find out those things, I use some commandline apps:
Code: [Select]
cat /proc/meminfo # ram info
cat /proc/cpuinfo #cpu specs
free     # swap and ram
df -h  # hard drive info


Andy Price

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Re: accessiing ones systems
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2009, 05:47:19 am »
I think you should find System Profiler on the System menu - at least it's there in VL6.0 Gold. It'll tell you a lot about your system.