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Author Topic: screwed xorg.config  (Read 888 times)


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screwed xorg.config
« on: May 01, 2009, 06:01:29 pm »
Playing around with ati, big desktop and VL 6 stan I managed to blank out my screens.  It boots to blackness now.  How do I boot without X so the last working xorg.conf backup ( i have seven ) can be restored?  Always thought Knoppix or booting from the VL 6 OS disk would either let me change files or boot to a console, respectively.   I also thought there might be a keyboard shortcut might drop me to a console once starting X blanked my screen.  However, my experiments failed, and, my googling circles itself now.  Hey buddy, can you spare a Linux command, huh?


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Re: screwed xorg.config
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2009, 06:35:05 pm »
There is several ways.

* You can pick TUI from Lilo if you have that option.
* You can press tab at the Lilo boot screen to get a Lilo prompt. Once you get there, start your system using a label followed by 2 (the runlevel in which you wanna boot, we use runlevel 2 for a text mode console login). The label is usualy VectorLinux, Lilo will tell you what are the options. So, you would have to type "VectorLinux 2" at the lilo prompt.
* Once X fails and you get a blank screen, you can try the Control+Alt+F2 shortcut for getting a console login.
* You can use the VL install cd for booting your system. There is instructions in the CD for doing that. Shortly, you have to type linux root=/dev/<root_partition_of_your_system> (something like sda1 or hdb2)
* You can boot Knoppix and mount your VL partition. Get a console and do "mount -t auto /dev/<vl_root_partition> /path/to/mount_point". The mount point has to be an existing directory. You can create one with the mkdir command. Traditionaly /mnt is used, so "mkdir -p /mnt/vector" would do it, and then "mount -t auto /dev/<put_vl_partition_here> /mnt/vector". Once you do that, your xorg.conf can be accessed in /mnt/vector/etc/X11/xorg.conf

I think I have listed all your options, from the easiest to the most difficult. Please post back here if you find any problem.
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Re: screwed xorg.config
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2009, 12:41:35 am »

booted VL 6.0 disk
typed in at boot prompt:  linux root=/dev/hda2 ro runlevel 3
signed in as root, fired up midnight commander and deleted old xorg.conf, then renamed a backup to the xorg.conf.  Back up and running to make all new mistakes.

Really, docs on the OS cd.  Fool not to look there first, huh.