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Author Topic: 090504 conky-1.7.0 [VL5.9]  (Read 515 times)


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090504 conky-1.7.0 [VL5.9]
« on: May 04, 2009, 06:37:27 am »
I've built conky for VL 5.9.

Package: conky-1.7.0-i586-2vl59.tlz
MD5: f065e6fc1d3ba6d0ed4be358e92ded31
Package Size: 148 K
Installed Size: 440 K


Code: [Select]
conky: conky (a light-weight system monitor)
conky: Conky is a system monitor for X originally based on the torsmo code.
conky: Since it's original conception, Conky has changed a fair bit from
conky: its predecessor. Conky can display just about anything, either on
conky: your root desktop or in it's own window. Conky has many built-in
conky: objects, as well as the ability to execute programs and scripts,
conky: then display the output from stdout
conky: License: GPL
conky: Authors: Brenden Mathews
conky: Website: http://conky.sourceforge,net/

After testing this package please stop back here and let us know how it works for you.