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Author Topic: VL6 Light: Hangs on "Logout"  (Read 1136 times)


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VL6 Light: Hangs on "Logout"
« on: May 09, 2009, 03:05:30 pm »

Relatively new to VL / Slack, but am using light version on a PII laptop.  I am having a minor frustration that the system will hang on logout.  It will not bring back up the login screen.  Only recovery I have is a CTL ALT DEL combo which will reboot the machine.

Help would be appreciated.

Side question:  why does the vasm firewall have a problem which causes the system to hang on shutdown.  Seams like the config tool would work, but it doesn't.  I have solved the problem by removing the S and K entry for firewall, but still another anoying issue.

Finally, the light version should probably enable the WICD daemon at startup.  Took me a bit to find where it was to be configured... but now it is good too... just a note for the masses that support or build this distro.

Thanks for an excellent light version of Linux... Normally, however, I am a Ubuntu user and quite happy with that distro.  I still hop distros to see what else is out there; however, I constantly come back to Ubuntu/GNOME.  Happy Linuxing. :)