Author Topic: Seamonkey giving unwanted dedirects  (Read 2991 times)


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Seamonkey giving unwanted dedirects
« on: April 24, 2009, 10:20:59 pm »
I'm new to VL and Seamonkey,  and I'm finding Seamonkey is susceptible to unwanted redirects in conditions where other browsers simply respond slowly or just get stuck.   I'm in Thailand by the way, where the network often responds slowly or needs several reloads before pages display.

I'm getting annoying unwanted redirects to and to,  but it's only when I use Seamonkey,  not on FF nor on IE6 on my Windows XP.

In Seamonkey 1.1.14's Edit - Preferences - Smart Browsing,  I've unchecked Domain Guessing because I read somewhere that these unwanted URLs have registered themselves to capture attempts to or and similar such,  but that hasn't helped and I'm still getting these annoying redirects, especially at times of the day when the network here is overloaded. 

Someone suggested that it was the crap websites I was trying to visit that were the cause of my trouble, but I've even encountered this unwanted redirection whilst browsing and searching in

Someone else suggested that my local ISP's DNS were probably playing games at the resolving phase,  trying to boost payments-per-click out of traffic congestion,   but this suggestion doesn't really stack up because I don't suffer redirection with FF or with IE6.

Admittedly the redirection probably is originating somewhere out in the network,  but FF and IE6 seem to have some inbuilt protection against it.   Any suggestions as to how I can set Seamonkey up with similar protection ? 
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