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« on: May 24, 2009, 12:53:50 pm »
Somebody recommended this to me earlier:

It's a community blog all about overcoming all the evolutionary junk that has carried over from the Stone Ages and written, among others, by the AI researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky.

I took a positive bias test linked to from the front page.

Congratulations! You have performed perfectly on this test, having discovered the correct rule: awesome triplets are simply triplets in which each number is greater than the previous one. It may surprise you to know this, but in tests carried out by Peter Wason, only 20% of subjects performed as well as you have.
If you'd like to learn more about positive bias, you may enjoy the article 'Positive Bias: Look Into the Dark':
If you'd like to learn more about the experiment which inspired this test, look
for a paper titled 'On the failure to eliminate hypotheses in a conceptual task' (Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 12: 129-140, 1960)


I have a feeling at least some of these guys are going to become World Historical Individuals, to put it in Hegelian terms, one way or another
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