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Note: All the attachments in this thread have been standardized. You will get the same version (the final version) from any attachment. You must run the included installer first if you want the program to be available in vasmCC. The program is available as a .tlz package or as the pieces (script, installer...).

I have written a Bootsplash Theme Creator script program. It uses zenity for the GUI. It follows and automates the processes described by stretchedthin on Thank you very much stretchedthin! Here is a link to stretchedthin's instructions:

The Bootsplash Theme Creator program is attached if you would like to try it. After you run the program and create a bootsplash theme, you need to use VLBootsplash-Switch in VASM to switch to your new bootsplash. If you run Bootsplash Theme Creator from a console, you may see these error messages: " line 42: config: command not found" or "ls: cannot access /etc/bootsplash/themes/example/: No such file or directory
doesn't exist" These are merely the results of some intentional file checking in the script and are not problems. Please let me know how you like it and if there are any problems with it. I have not been able to actually use my custom bootsplashes from this program because I am running VL 5.9.1 SOHO (with KDE) and KDE's bootsplash switcher appears to take precedence over the VASM bootsplash switcher. If anyone has any suggestions on how to change that, they would be most welcome.


Note: This program must be run as root. It will check and notify you if you are trying to run it as a normal user.

Hi Daniel:
Looks cool.  I'll give it a go as soon as I can.  Would it be ok with you if I offered the download off of my site as well.

Thanks stretchedthin, yes that would be fine with me if you want to put the download on your site too.

Hey Daniel;  I've tried the application on two different machines using two different jpg's.  The new theme seems to create just fine and shows up in VLbootsplash-switch, but when I reboot I only get verbose mode, no picture.
I'll look into it some more.  Hopefully, it's just my error, but I'll let you know what I find out.

Is there a bootsplash switcher in XFCE4 that might have turned off the splash screen and is overriding the VASM switcher like what happened to me with KDE? It seemed to be working for you when you made the tutorial but I don't know, it was just a thought.


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