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That is in the app already. When it creates a new theme, it copies existing configuration files and edits them to use the correct file path. (I assume you mean the config files in /etc/bootsplash/themes/<theme>/config) So the config files don't have to be edited or made by hand unless you want to do more custom configuration.

Ok, Moe-lnx told me how to install a program into vasmCC. Thanks Moe! So now when you download the attached .zip file, you get the program itself, a .desktop file for it, and an install and uninstall script for installing it in vasmCC and for uninstalling it if you want. You must the installer and uninstaller as root. It will remind you if you forget though. All the attachments will be standardized a few minutes after this post.

Hey this IS great! I will still need to customize a little bit by hand, but this does take some time off from that. If I stick to a standard theme, that wouldn't be necessary, but if I make something unique....
Still this saves me a few lines in the config's :)
Again, Well Done! and Thanks!

Ok, I am now offering the program as a .tlz package as well. Thanks again to Moe for helping with that. I will attach it here and on the first page of this thread. No problems anticipated with the package but please test. (The package is in the .zip file because I can't upload .tlz files.)


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